Send Me A Letter Not Flowers

Happy Valentines to those romantically inclined, for the rest of us; one day to go until discounted fancy chocolates.

While clearing out Ojisan's (Japanese Grandfather's) house a few years ago I found a large Twinings Tea tin full of old photos.  It has become one of my most treasured possessions partly because it provides a small link between Ojisan and my Papa in Scotland who worked for Twinings Tea and partly because my inner hoarder loves old tins.



I really, really love old tins and as a crafter I have so many uses for them.  Tins for my buttons, tins for my lace, tins for embroidery thread, tins for everything.

My favourite use for tins however is as a little memory box much like Ojisan's photo stash.  Things I don't particularly like are cheesy cards, roses and ... no I can't lie I really do love chocolate.

The whole commercialisation of Valentines has been talked to death but is it true that my generation is devoid of romance?  

The idea of my Grandchildren tidying out my house and coming across an old phone, desperately hunting around for the matching charger then flicking through old messages between me and my Man-pal is certainly less romantic than the movie perfect box of old love letters, ripped at the edges from being read and reread, lovingly tied together with a scented ribbon.

And when was the last time anyone said anything nearly as romantic in a text, email or snapchat as this:

Winston Churchill is hardly who pops in to my head when I think romance but there he is, hitting it out of the park like (insert famous baseball player name here as I have no idea about baseball).

So to all the men out there running to the petrol station to grab the last bunch of carnations available, I say stop!  Go to the vintage or second hand store and buy an old tin.  Fill it with flowers if you must then write your Lady Love (or Man Love) a letter from the heart.  Every month, season, year write another letter and over the years you have together fill your tin with memories of love that can be passed down as an example to the next generation.

Or buy her a hat.  Hats are good presents.

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